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Multiple Installment Reservations

Owners can now breakout reservation totals into multiple installments when creating a reservation! This new feature makes booking Long Term Reservations quick & simple!


New Feature Summary: When creating a reservation with the NEW  Create Reservation button, owners can now breakout the total of a reservation into multiple payments or installments. Once you select multiple payments you can choose the number of installments (2-12) and manipulate installment prices, due dates, and add any extra fees that need to be charged! 

How-to Create a Reservation with Multiple Payments:

Step 1: Login through the RoverPass Owner Portal Sign In Page

Step 2: Click the "Create Reservation" in the left hand sidebar or from the top of the calendar tab - checkout this article here for details on Creating a Reservation

Step 3: Once you are done entering in the Reservation & Camper Details, click the 

'Proceed to Payment and Fees' button in the bottom right hand corner

Step 4: In the "How would you like to be paid?" section - select the 'Multiple Payments' button 

Step 5: In the Rent Payment Schedule section, select how many payments or installments you would like your camper to pay over the duration of their stay. The payments are then calculated as the total rental amount divided by the number of installments. 

Example: You are creating a reservation for 1/01/2020 - 4/1/2020 and you camper is staying for 3 months. If you want your camper to pay an equal amount each month, simply select 3 as your number of payments, and our Payment Calculator will evenly split the total among the campers 3 months stay! 

Step 6: In the Payments and Due Date fields, owners can manually edit and adjust the amounts of each installment and our system will ensure that the final total is correct. They can also edit the payment Due Date in this field. 

Please Note:

The first payment is automatically required to be due at the time of booking. The first payment will include the booking fees and will also include additional one-time fees being charged such as add-ons or security deposits that are due.

Step 7: Once you have your Number of Payments and Due Dates set, you can add any applicable Custom Fees to the reservation and click 'Proceed to Payment' in the bottom right corner

Step 8:  Select the appropriate tab on how the camper would like to pay for the reservation (credit card, cash, check)

    • Default: Pay with Credit Card
    • Pay with Cash
    • Pay with Check

Step 9: If the price & reservation details look good, enter in the payment information, and click the "Book Now" button

Step 10: Once you have completed the reservation and processed payment, you are ready to head over to the 'Invoice' tab in the left hand navigation bar your RoverPass Owner Portal to see our NEW Invoicing Features! In your 'Invoice' tab you will see the Scheduled Payments you just set for this guest. 

Checkout our Invoices article here to see how it works!