How to Use Multiple Payments & Invoices in RoverPass
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Reservation Balance

How Do I Know What I Am Still Owed by a Guest?

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A Balance Bar can be seen at the top of each 'Reservation Details' page displaying a snapshot of how much money is still owed on the reservation.  The Summary Circle shows the following:

  • Yellow = Refunded
  • Green = Paid
  • Gray = Remaining
  • Red = Due (Any amount encompassing the 'Remaining' section that has passed the invoice due date)

The Balance of a Reservation will change when:

  • A new invoice is created - See Add an Invoice
    • Increase the balance
  • Line Items are added to an invoice - See Editing an Invoice
    • Increase the balance
  • An invoice is voided - See Void an Invoice

    • Remove from the balance
  • A reservation with unpaid invoices is cancelled
    • (Outstanding invoices are automatically voided and the balance is affected as mentioned in the bullet point above)
  • An invoice is paid or refunded
    • Updates proportions in the Summary Circle

The green '$' will still show on the Reservation Calendar to signal money due on a reservation.  Once all invoices are marked paid and the Remaining Balance on the reservation is $0, the green '$' will disappear.