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Invoicing for Long Term Payments

Invoices will allow Owners to easily access the important details of a guest, reservation and payment so that they can manage and request payment from guests accordingly.

Key Functions of the Invoice Feature:

  • Owners can Schedule, Draft and Edit Invoices
  • When you create a reservation with multiple payments, Scheduled Invoices are automatically created for you! 
  • Scheduled invoices tie into our automated payment reminders which are sent to Travelers and include a link for them to process the payment due on the invoice
  • When a Traveler processes payment through a payment reminder the associated invoice Status will automatically be updated to Paid. 
  • Owners can filter their Invoices from the Invoices tab to see just Past Due invoices. This helps you easily identify Travelers who are late on payment!

How Invoices Work:

Step 1: Login through the RoverPass Owner Portal Sign In Page

Step 2: Create a Reservation with Multiple Payments - checkout this article here for details on Creating a Reservation with Multiple Payments

Step 3: Once you have completed a reservation with Multiple Payments, click into the 'Invoices' tab in your left hand navigation bar

download Invoice Scheduled  

Step 4: Next, you can search the reservation by name to pull up all invoices associated with that reservation. 

    • The 1st Invoice will automatically show as 'Paid' since the Traveler must pay the first installment at the time of booking. 
    • The 2nd Invoice will show as 'Scheduled' since you have set a Due Date for the 2nd installment

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 1.45.33 PM

Step 5: Click anywhere on the Invoice line to open and see Invoice Details, here you will be able to access invoices in different Status' and manage them accordingly:

All Invoices:

    • See all of the guests contact & reservation details pertaining to the invoice
    • Mark invoices as Paid & Void scheduled invoices
    • View the 'Payment Installments' you scheduled
    • See the Invoice Timeline - this shows the important events that took place on the invoice (date created, sent, paid, etc.)

Scheduled Invoices:

    • Edit the Invoice Date + Amount
    • Add Electric or Custom Fees
    • Edit the Invoice Reminder Date - Campers will get an automatic email Invoice Reminder sent 7 days prior to the invoice Due Date
    • Send the Invoice to a Camper 
    • Mark an Invoice as Paid or Void
    • Complete payment for an invoice using the Campers Payment Card on File

      Paid Invoices:

        • Print off a copy of the invoice
        • See the date the invoice was paid
        • Refund the Payment Installment on the invoice 

      Screen Shot 2021-02-26 at 5.25.42 PM