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Editing a Scheduled Invoice

Need to make changes or add electricity fees to a scheduled invoice for your camper? Follow these steps to easily add extra fees, adjust the total amount, or learn to void an invoice!

Step 1: Login to your RoverPass Owner Portal

Step 2: On the left hand side, select the 'Invoices' tab

Step 3: To find a specific invoice, use the Search bar to find an invoice by the name of the camper

Step 4: Click on the Invoice line to pull up the Invoice Details

To adjust the Item Line or Invoice Amount, click in the box to adjust the text or amount of the invoice

To add an Item and Amount to the Invoice, click 'Add Item', type in the amount of the charge and click 'Save'

To add Electricity Fees, click 'Add Electricity Fees', follow steps to add your electricity fees based on your metered rate, and click 'Save'