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Void an Invoice

You have many options to edit an invoice, but when is it better to Void or Void & Replace the invoice and what happens when you do?  Read on!

Void an Invoice

Void an invoice when it is in the Scheduled, Sent, Due, or Past Due state and the invoice is no longer due to be paid.Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 11.46.27 AM

  • Maybe a guest had requested extra linens, but changed their mind
  • Maybe you double billed for electricity
  • Maybe you use invoices for your longterm reservations and a guest checked out early

To void an invoice, simply click 'Void' on the right side of the invoice that you wish to void.

Voiding an invoice will remove the Invoice total from the Balance of the Reservation.  See Reservation Balance

Void and Replace an Invoice

Void & Replace an invoice when it is in a finalized state (Sent, Due, or Past Due) and the invoice is still due to be paid but needs an adjustment.Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 11.53.45 AM

  • Maybe you created an invoice for additional guests, but accidentally entered the wrong price
  • Maybe you added electricity to the invoice, but it was for the wrong guest
  • Maybe you need to do a one-off adjustment for the amount charged for a particular reservation

To void and replace an invoice, simply click 'Void & Replace' on the right side of the invoice that you wish to void.

Once you click 'Void & Replace', the screen will look like nothing has changed.  Look closely!  The system has created a Draft Invoice to match the invoice that you had.  Since this invoice is in the Draft state, you can now edit the invoice as you need to.


  • Q: I accidentally voided an invoice, how do I 'un-void' it
    • A: Once an invoice had been voided, you cannot undo the action.  Instead, simply create a new invoice in its place.
  • Q: Why can't I void a draft invoice?
    • A: Draft invoices have not been finalized, so there is no need to void them.  Instead, simply delete the draft invoice.
  • Q: Why can't I 'Void & Replace' an invoice in the Scheduled state
    • A: You can edit an invoice in the scheduled state.  Because of this, it is recommended that you edit this invoice instead of voiding & replacing it if there is still an amount due.

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