Onboarding with RoverPass

What is the Process to Get Set Up with RoverPass?

So you have decided to come on board? Great! We are so excited to have you! Here is what you can expect when setting your park up on the system.

1. Initial Onboarding Call
- At the time you have selected, a RoverPass Representative will give you a call to talk about your park specifics.  In this call, we will find out exactly how your park is unique in what it offers and how to best build out your account to accurately present your rates and offerings to campers.  After this call, the RoverPass Team will be able to set up the majority of your account.

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2. Reservation Calendar Build Out
- There are just a few more details that we will need.
    1. Site Specifics - What is different about each individual site? What kind of hookups do they have? Are they Cabins, Tents, or RV Sites?:
      1. Excel Spreadsheet: You can provide this to us in the excel sheet sent to you at the beginning of the onboarding process and we will get everything set up for you, OR
      2. Create Your Own Sites!:  To create your own sites, log into the Owner Portal within the first 7 days after your initial onboarding call and simply follow the steps in this article.
    2. Existing Reservation Information:
      1. Excel Spreadsheet: Feel free to send us your reservations in the excel spreadsheet provided.  To make this as easy as possible, only Site Name/Number, Check In, and Check Out Dates are required.  Additional information is not necessary but can be imported if you would like to provide it. OR
      2. Export from Your Current System:  Are you able to export a file of reservations from your current system?  As long as this export includes Site Name/Number, Check In, and Check Out Dates, we will be able to use it and transfer the information for you. **If using this option, it is best if this could be sent in .csv or .xls format so that we can open the file electronically and make sure all information is easily copied. OR
      3. Input Your Own Existing Reservations!:  Would you prefer to just input the reservations yourself?  To input your own existing reservations, log into the Owner Portal within the first 10 days after your initial onboarding call and simply follow the steps in this article.

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3. Add Your Booking Link to Your Website

- The RoverPass Team will be happy to help you do this to ensure that we optimize your use of the system.


4. Training Call

- The last step is a short training call with one of our RoverPass Experts.  Pick a time that works for you and we will be sure to show you around your new system so that you can ask any remaining questions you have and start using it!

With your help, we could have you onboarded and generating revenue for your park in no time! We look forward to seeing many reservations come your way!