Partner Reservations


Everything you need to know and expect if you receive a reservation from Spot2Nite, a RoverPass Partner.

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RoverPass continues to build its distribution network to get your property in front of as many campers as possible. Learn more about Spot2Nite below!


Who/What is Spot2Nite?: Spot2Nite is a platform that connects campers looking for last minute camping and RV sites.


Why Are You Offering This Integration / Why Should I Want to Use it?:  In the age of technology, we believe that missing a reservation should never be because campers don't know that your property is an option... regardless of marketing budget!  RoverPass continues to build partnerships throughout the industry to ensure that, no matter what website a camper might be searching when they are planning their trip, that your property comes up as an option.  What's better?!?!... as a RoverPass customer, our integration allows campers to book your property through Spot2Nite with no extra hassle or cost to you.  Read on to understand how.


How Does it Work?

  • Our team works with Spot2Nite to create a listing for your park on their site.  Using the same technology that we use for our Channel Manager*, we connect your RoverPass account with your Spot2Nite listing.  Once activated, rate information and availability information sync seamlessly between RoverPass and Spot2Nite.  This means that campers can book your park on Spot2Nite and an Inventory Hold will show up on your RoverPass calendar without you ever having to worry about double bookings. 
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    • *While the integration maintains your rates and availability, Spot2Nite will do a quarterly update of everything else on your Spot2Nite listing against the information on your RoverPass listing.  However, if you see something outside of rate or availability information on your Spot2Nite listing that you would like adjusted (such as Tax Rate, Extra People Fees (and count), Maximum Night Stay, Pet Fees (and count), Add ons, Deposits, Photos, Description, Cancellation Policy, etc), please feel free to reach out to Spot2Nite Support.
  • As soon as a camper books on Spot2Nite, an Inventory Hold will show up on your calendar. You will be able to see any reservations that come from Spot2Nite:
    • As an Inventory Hold on your RoverPass Calendar (a block with a name on your RoverPass calendar)
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    • In the Inventory Holds list (future only)
      Screen Shot 2024-03-25 at 11.14.00 AM
    • In the Inventory Holds Report (past and future)
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  • You can click on the Inventory Hold from the RoverPass Calendar to see basic information:
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  • Spot2Nite will take payment for the reservation on the Spot2Nite platform to provide a seamless booking experience to the camper.  The money will then paid out to you directly through your RoverPass payout method.  You will receive the same payout amount that you would if the reservation had come directly from the Marketplace.



Q: What are the requirements to be listed on Spot2Nite?


  • Be a RoverPass Inventory Campground (Your RoverPass Dashboard will read "Your RoverPass System: CRS - Central Reservation System" or "Your RoverPass System: Marketplace Inventory).
  • Opt into RoverPass Marketplace to be bookable on the RoverPass Marketplace (  This is usually done at the time of initially signing up with RoverPass
  • Make sure that you have at least 2 sites that are:
    • Available for short term bookings (less than 7 days in length)
    • Available Online for bookings (not indefinitely blocked or disabled)
    • Have only 1 rate attached (you can find the number of rates attached to each site under "Reservation Setup > Sites" in your RoverPass Owner Portal).


Q: How do I get listed on Spot2Nite?

A: Just ask!  Almost all inventory parks get listed on Spot2Nite as part of the RoverPass Onboarding Process.  If you for some reason requested not to be on Spot2Nite and have now changed your mind, just reach out to our Support Team and we will be happy to get you listed!


Q: Do I need to / can I purchase the RoverPass Channel Manager to be listed on Spot2Nite?

A: No. 

  • BookOutdoors, Spot2Nite, and Hipcamp are considered partner OTAs and managed differently than non-partner OTAs.  Use of the Channel Manager (for each partner channel) is included with the marketplace agreement to be on the Partner OTAs.
  • Purchasing the Channel Manager is only required when you want to link a non-partner OTA (Expedia, airbnb,, or VRBO).  The Channel Manager as a product is only sold for connection to Expedia, airbnb,, or VRBO.

Q: What is an Inventory Hold?

A:  This object resembles a reservation, but it holds only minimal information as its main purpose is to place a hold on a site for particular dates to ensure that you do not get double booked.  When you receive an Inventory Hold from an integrated OTA, this signals to you that the reservation itself was taken on a different OTA (see source) and blocked on your RoverPass Calendar to ensure that inventory is held to serve the reservation you received from Spot2Nite.   It is important that you do not edit an Inventory Hold directly as you cannot take payment or perform a refund on an Inventory Hold.  Instead refer your guests to their source OTA for any necessary adjustments (cancellations, refunds, adding more people, any change that needs to be done to the original reservation).

The integration with Spot2Nite syndicates inventory (via Inventory Holds) and pricing information, but does not completely transfer all information (payments, photos, descriptions, etc) to make sure that the integration is as reliable and fast as possible.  This allows you to be on multiple platforms at once without concern for double bookings.   You don't have to manually sync reservations between RoverPass and Spot2Nite.  


Q: Can I change the site for the reservation?

A: Yes, you certainly can!  You'll notice the process from the RoverPass Reservation Calendar Quick Edit is the same as it would be to move a Real RoverPass Reservation.

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Q: The camper wants to make modifications (change the dates, shorten the reservation, add people, add pets, upgrade the site type, etc) or cancel the reservation.  What should I do?

A: Refer them to Spot2Nite.  Since payment originally went through Spot2Nite, any adjustment beyond a site change of the same price needs to be done on the original booking source (Spot2Nite).  Once the adjustment is made on Spot2Nite's side, the integration will update it on your RoverPass Calendar.


Q: I want to give the camper a refund.


  • If this refund is for something in line with your stated policies (such as a cancellation that meets your cancellation policy), Spot2Nite will automatically refund the camper in accordance with your listed policies.
  • If this refund is for an exception to your stated policies (maybe the camper was unhappy with their site and you want to offer them a refund.  Or maybe the camper wanted to check out a day early and you wanted to offer a refund even though your cancellation policy normally would not allow it), reach out to Spot2Nite to authorize the exception and request the refund to the camper.

Q: The camper wants to extend their stay after having checked-in.  What should I do?

A:  Simply create a new reservation in your RoverPass Calendar for the extra dates and process it as you usually would.


Q: How do I know the rig and occupancy information?

A: This information is sent to you in the Spot2Nite Confirmation email.


Q: Should I collect payment for these reservations?

A: No.  For reservations generated through Spot2Nite, payment is collected in full by Spot2Nite.


Q: When will my payout be processed?

A: To ensure time is allotted for refunds (should they be needed), payouts for Spot2Nite reservations will be processed at the beginning of the month following the reservation check out date.  You will receive payment in the same payment method that you currently use with RoverPass.


Q:  How do I check if the payout for a reservation has been processed?

A:  You have 2 ways of doing this!

  1. From the RoverPass Reservation Calendar, click into the Inventory Hold and look at "Payout Status."
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  2. Visit your "All Transactions" Report within RoverPass and filter by the reservation ID to see the payout details (such as the Stripe Transfer ID).
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Q: How do I get in touch with Spot2Nite's Help Desk?


  • Submit a ticket here OR
  • (877) 778-2683
    • Option 1 for Reservations and Cancellations
    • Option 2 for Campground Support to Park Operators