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Interactive Maps

Interactive Site Maps help campers visualize your park during their checkout process, improving your booking rate!

What are Interactive Maps?


Answer questions about site location before they come up! Interactive Site Maps are the best way for Campers to get a bird's eye view of your park during checkout.

Campers can easily use it in conjunction with features like Site Lock to see your availability in real-time and book their exact site. See this article for more info.  

Is my Campground Eligible for an Interactive Map?

All parks on the Reservation Management System are eligible for a map, even if the park does not currently allow site selection. Adding a map to your account is completely free! 

*Please keep in mind that maps will be required for campgrounds that have the site selection enabled and/or collect fees for choosing a site.*

How Can I get my Campgrounds Interactive Map Created?

Our customer service team is ready to collect your park’s map if you have one and get started on creating your Interactive Map. If not, an image from Google Earth or a hand-drawn map will do.

Please check out this article here to contact our Customer Service team about getting started on your Interactive Map.

What does an Interactive Map look like from the Campers view during the checkout process?


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