How to Lengthen/Shorten a Reservation

If you need to make any changes on a campers duration of stay, here's how you can do so using your RoverPass Owner Portal.

A camper has decided to stay an extra couple of days or head out a day early...take a look on how to edit their reservation in your RoverPass Owner Portal to reflect their stay.


 Reservation Request System

  • If your campground operates  on our Reservation Request System you will be able to edit the dates of a reservation through the 'Edit Reservation' tab by following these steps:

Step 1: Login through the RoverPass Owner Portal Sign In Page

Step 2: Select the 'Reservations' tab on the left hand side

Step 3: Click on the reservation you would like to change the dates for

Step 4: Select the 'Edit Reservation' tab at the top of the page in grey

Step 5: Click on the 'Stay Check In/Out Dates' and adjust the calendar dates accordingly

Step 6: If you need to Adjust the Total of the reservation, and charge an additional amount, toggle the 'Do you want to adjust the price?' button to 'yes'. Once you 'Submit Changes' on this page this will prompt the 'Create Charge' screen to appear, for you to process the additional charge needed or refund any days necessary. 

Step 7: Click the blue 'Submit  Changes' button at the bottom of the screen

*Please note, this change will not auto-populate on the campers receipt. This means you will still need to charge the camper for their additional nights they added, or refund the camper for the nights they did not stay (according to your campgrounds policy). Check out this article here on how to Create a Charge

How to Video: Lengthen/Shorten a Reservation using the 'Edit Reservation' Tab