Onboarding with RoverPass

How to Input Existing Reservations Onto the RoverPass Calendar When Switching From Another System

If you have chosen to input your existing reservations yourself, please follow the steps below. 

We have created an option that will allow you to quickly input existing reservations.  To make this process seamless and easy, these reservations will be lightweight to provide the basic functionality of holding a space on your calendar with Guest Name, Check In, and Check Out dates. 

The ability to quickly create these lightweight reservations is available for 10 days after your initial onboardng call. (After onboarding, all reservations will be input directly through the full reservation system and will be jam packed with more functionality!)  To input existing reservations:

    1. Log in to Your Owner Portal within 10 days of your initial onboarding call at https://www.roverpass.com/owner/login
    2. Navigate to the calendar tab on the left hand side bar
    3. Click on the site that you wish to place a reservation on, adjust the dates in the pop up to match the dates of the reservation, and click "Create External Reservation"
    4. Fill out the information.  **For ease of use, only First Name and Check In/Out Dates are necessary to create an external reservation.  
    5. Click Save.
    6. Repeat to make sure that all reservations that are on your books for future dates are accounted for.

If you would prefer to have the help of the RoverPass Team, please revisit this article to see your other options.

How To Input Existing Reservations Video: