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How To Contact RoverPass Customer Support

How to reach us!

RoverPass customer service is here to answer any questions you may have while using RoverPass. The easiest and quickest way to contact us is to email support@roverpass.com. We do not have a support phone number at this time. Here are some common answers to the questions we get the most often. 

How do I make a reservation if the campground does not have an online option to do so?

If there is no online option, please call the campground directly. If you are having trouble finding their contact information, please reach out and we can assist with that.

What is the wifi password? I am running 2 hours late, can I check in at 8:00 pm?

For any campground specific questions such as wifi passwords, late check ins, directions, changes to your reservations the day of check in, and specific site requests should be directed to the campground office/manager/owner directly. RoverPass does not have that information. 

How do I cancel my reservation?

Click here for the article on how to cancel. 

Please also see this article.