How to Request a Cancellation for a Reservation

This will tell you how to request a cancellation for a confirmed reservation.

Step 1: Go to or click link in your confirmation email. Login to your RoverPass account by clicking "Traveler Login."

(If you have never set up a RoverPass account, you can enter the email address that you made your reservation with, send yourself a password reset token, and upon logging in, your reservation(s) will already be associated to your account!)

Step 2: At the top of the page, on the right, click on "My Reservations."

Step 3: Click on the reservation which you wish to cancel. Next, click on the rectangle that says "Request Cancellation."

Step 4: You will have the opportunity to submit a reason why you are cancelling. Please fill that out then press "Submit Cancellation Request."

Step 5: You are all set! Your cancellation request for your reservation has been submitted to the campground. The campground will reach out to you directly if they need to. 

**Please Note: Cancelling your Trip Insurance is separate from submitting a request to cancel your reservation. To cancel Trip Insurance that you have purchased, please click into your reservation in your Camper Portal. Then go to the Trip Insurance section, click the 'Cancel Trip Insurance' button, and proceed with following the instructions on the pop up screen. 

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