How to Edit, Cancel, or Refund a Reservation
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What to Know Before Your Stay

Need to provide specific information for your upcoming guests? You can easily include this information on your camper’s confirmation email, here’s how!

Step 1: Login through the RoverPass Owner Portal Sign In Page

Step 2: Click the “Policies” tab in the left hand sidebar

Step 3: Scroll to the middle of the page to find the section of “What to Know Before Your Stay”.

Step 4: Complete the fields desired. You can add a Gate Code, Wifi Network, Wifi Password,  Amenities Key Code or simply customize a message on the box under “Information for guests

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Save Policies” button.


What’s the difference between this information and the Check in procedure?   

Check in procedure: This information is visible on your RoverPass listing, even for campers that have not completed their reservation yet. It is meant to be general information for both campers and potential guests.

What to know before your stay: This information will be hidden from your RoverPass listing. It will only populate in your confirmation email. This way, you can provide more specific information meant only for your actual campers.

Can I customize my confirmation page? 

You can customize four areas of your RoverPass listing that will populate in your confirmation page.

“Policies” tab in the left hand side bar:

  • Check in/Out Policy
  • What to know before your stay
  • Cancellation Policy

“Campground settings” drop-down menu in the left hand side bar. Click on the “Rules” tab:

  • All the rules you’ve made.