Wave Times in Events

How to use Wave Times

The Wave Times tab allows you to create waves to attach to ticket types.


For example, you may have a 5K Registration ticket type that has a wave every 15 minutes.

With the Wave Times, you can create all the 15 minute waves and attach them to your ticket type so that no wave is oversold.

Automatically select the first attendee’s wavetime for all attendees

This toggle controls whether or not subsequent attendees after the first attendee will be set to the same same wave time as the first attendee. If this is ON, each attendee after the first will be set to the same wave time as the first attendee after that has been chosen. If this is OFF, each attendee will have to choose their wave time and none will be pre-selected.

Wave Time Instructions

If Teams are turned on for your site, whatever is entered in this text field will be displayed on the checkout underneath the Wave Time selector dropdown.

After you have decided to add Wave Time Instructions or not, you can then start adding in your Wave Times!

To get started, click the “Add New” button.

Once this is clicked, you’ll see multiple fields, which I will explain below.

  • Description
    • The text entered into this field is what will be displayed on the checkout for the customers to see, and will also be displayed in any reporting you do based on Wave Times.
  • Start Date & Time
    • The date and time selected here will be shown to the customer on their receipt after they’ve made their purchase so they know what time to arrive for their wave.
  • Max Soft QTY
    • This is the amount of times this wave time can be purchased for customers who are creating a new team, or not joining a team at all.
  • Max Hard QTY
    • This quantity allows more availability to customers who are joining a pre-existing team.
      • For example, if the Soft QTY is set to 100 and the Hard QTY is set to 120, only customers who are joining an existing team will have access to the extra 20 available openings in that wave time.
      • Please note that this only applies if teams are turned on for your checkout page.
      • If you are not using teams, you can set your Soft and Hard QTY to the same amount.
  • Available For
    • The ticket types selected here are the ticket types that will display this as an available wave time when purchasing that ticket type on the checkout. 
  • Wave Time Description
    • Once a wave time is selected on the checkout page, the text entered into this field will show below the wave time selector dropdown.


Once you have added wave times, you can then edit or delete them by clicking the Action Menu (wrench icon) to the right of that wave time.

Additionally, they can be reordered by clicking and dragging the icon to the top left of that wave time.