Using Waivers in Event Ticketing Portals

Adding waivers, accessing signed/unsigned waivers and other waiver options

Using Waivers

This tab will allow you to select any waivers that you have created on the Manage > Waivers page.

Please note that Participant Email must be asked for on this checkout for the attendee to be emailed a copy of their waiver.

This can be turned on by going to the Settings > Participant page.

If a waiver is selected, the first attendee in an order will be required to digitally sign their name and agree to the waiver, or they will not be able to place their order.

If there are multiple attendees in an order, each attendee after the first will be emailed a copy of that waiver to their Attendee Email Address.

Once they click the link in their email address, they will be able to digitally sign their waiver.

Access Attendees' Waivers and Resend Unsigned Waivers

You can collect information on customers who have yet to sign their waivers for your event, here's how!

1. Login to the admin page of your TicketSocket site

2. Add "/unsignedWaivers" after "/admin/plugs" on your site's admin url; /admin/plugs/unsignedWaivers

Make sure "Waivers" is capitalized, otherwise the plug won't work properly

3. Select your list of events you would like to limit your results to from the "Limit To These Events" drop down

4. You can also check on the option to retrieve all waivers, both signed and on unsigned by clicking on the "Get All Waivers (Signed and Unsigned)" checkbox

5. Click "Get Summary" to get a total number of unsigned waivers in the system for all selected events

6. Click "Export List" to export a .csv file of all unsigned waivers

7. Click "Email Waivers" and a pop up will appear asking "Send email notifications? This may take some time. Only addresses that haven't received a notice in the last 24 hours will be emailed"

8. Click "OK" on the message to send out waivers to all unsigned customer