Using The Social Promotion Feature

Turn your ticket purchasers into social media influencers!

This feature allows you to offer special incentives to ticket purchasers to share a link via Facebook, email, or other online social options.

ics-dashboard-example-copy-1How it works:
    • Based on how the purchaser uses the link, followers or recipients can then use that code to purchase their own tickets.
    • It will be tracked back to the original purchaser's code to offer them the discount or credit.
    • This allows for more people to discover your tickets and make a purchase, thus increasing your revenue potential.

Best Practices:

  • All event ticketing portals will have this turned on by default.
  • The default promo code is:
    • (Header) Send your friends a 10% Off Code:
      • (Copy) 😎 Invite your friends! Get a $25 refund after 5 friends buy through your invite. Thanks for sharing! 🙌


  • Please request this from your account manager or the CS team at least 2 business days in advance of when you need to view reports.