RoverPass Owner Login Portal

Adding Additional RoverPass Owner Portal Users

As a campground, you may have multiple employees that are needing user access to the RoverPass owner portal!

As a user with 'Employee' permissions, your employee would not be permitted to access Payout Information, or Reporting. These users do have access to:

  • View/Create Reservations
  • View and Adjust Invoicing/Payments
  • Listing Updates (Sites, Rates, Details, etc.)

'Owner' permissions would grant access to all RoverPass needs, including reporting and the ability to update payout information. 

If you need to add an additional user to your RoverPass owner portal, please contact RoverPass Support with the following information:

  • First and Last Name of User
  • Email Address
  • Role (Employee or Owner)

**Please Note: To add a user to your RoverPass Account, the request must come from a user already associated to the campgrounds RoverPass Account.