Placing a Reservation Request

How to find a campground and how to place a reservation request for a campground.

The first step for booking a reservation is to place a reservation request. Here you'll complete the request form so we know your travel dates, rig type, and party information as well as your site preferences. Here are the steps to place a reservation request.


Step 1: In your internet browser, navigate to

Step 2: In the rectangular search field in the middle of your page, type in the city, state, or area you will be traveling to.

Step 3: (Optional) Use the filters on the left hand side to narrow down your search.

Step 4: Select the campground you wish to book at (or would like more information about).

Step 5: Click on "Choose Your Site" once you decide on a campground. If there is not that option, you will need to reach out to the campground directly to book the reservation.

Step 6: Click on the dates at the top for when you are wanting to reserve your stay. Once you do that, the available site types will have a red rectangle that says "Select", click on the type you wish to stay at. 

Step 7: Enter the details of your RV (if applicable), the number of people and animals staying with you, and contact information. Next, press the red rectangle that says "Continue to Payment".

Step 8: On this page, you will be able to view the cancellation policy, the campground rules, pet policy and check in/out times. You can also confirm the dates and site type on the right hand side. Enter your payment information if all looks fine, and click the red "Submit Request" button.

Step 9: The next screen will be a confirmation of your pending reservation.  You'll receive a response shortly or within 24 hours if made outside of front desk hours. Your card will not be charged until the reservation is approved.