Learn to Use your RoverPass Reports

This article will discuss the various reports that are available in the owner portal and the steps to access them.

  • To learn more about the 'Bookings by Individual Site' and 'Bookings by Site Type' reports click here

How to Navigate to the 'Reports' Tab and Export a Report from your Portal:

Step 1: Login through the RoverPass Owner Portal Sign In Page

Step 2: Select the 'Reports' tab on the left hand side

Step 3: Decide which report you would like to download and click the blue 'Download Data' button

Step 4: The report will download to the Downloads folder on your computer. Double click to open the file.

  • Note: To properly display the report you will need to open the document in a spreadsheet application like Excel or Google Sheets.

Step 5: Once the report is open, it will look similar to this: 

The 6 Different Reports in your RoverPass Owner

  1. Reservation Report

  • This report is an easy way to view the most important details of all of your reservations, such as Check-In & Check-Out Dates, email, phone numbers, address, and rig information.  Some owners will use this report to print out and hand it to their work campers (Please keep in mind, this report will only show your reservations up until the report is pulled, meaning any reservations made since pulling the report would not show on the printed report).
  • Shows the payout and breaks down the processing fee, name of camper and dates of stay.
  • 2. Reservation Financials Report

  • The reservation financials report is a comprehensive look at the history of each reservation.
  • It will tell you whether a reservation was refunded, the tax rate, what the camper/guest paid and what your net payout was.
  1. Direct Deposit Payouts Report

  • The direct deposit report only shows payouts for campgrounds who have direct deposit enabled. Check payouts will not have this report.
  • Lists the reservation payouts individually, and then the total amount deposited. Also lists any refunds issued due to cancellations, which will be deducted from your payout.
  • Lists the payout amount, any payout amount reversed due to cancellations/refunds, tax, discounts, and the direct deposit amount total.
  • Column D lists the date and time the funds from that reservation were paid out to the stripe account, these funds will then directly deposit into your bank account within 3-5 days.
  • Column F lists the Payout Fee which is the credit card processing fee on each reservation.
  • Column A and B show you the total deposited to your bank account per month.
  1. Payouts Report

  • This is a list of all reservations that have been paid out; both direct deposit and checks, the report will look the same for both payout options.
  • Shows the payout and breaks down the processing fee, name of camper and dates of stay.

From left to right, here is a key to what information you will find on this report:

  • Type - This will usually say "Reservation." If you have Deposits enabled, it may say that instead.
  • Date - Date of the Payout. Typically it would have shown up in your bank account within 3-5 days after this date. 
  • Start Date - First day the reservation starts.
  • End Date - Day of checkout.
  • Reservation Code - The code generated that is associated with the reservation, each one is unique.
  • Name - First and last names of the guest whose name the reservation is under.
  • Transfer Total - The total amount of the reservation cost.
  • Processing Fee -The credit card processing fee that our third party credit card processor Stripe charges to process the reservation, based on a percentage of the gross reservation cost.
  • Net Payout - The total amount that was deposited to your account. 
  1. Bank Transfers

  • For direct deposit accounts, this report has all transfers made to your bank account in a format designed to be uploaded to quickbooks 
  1. Payouts for Custom Payments

    • This report will list all payouts for ONLY custom payments.
    • These are any payments you processed through the 'Create Charge' feature in the 'Payments' tab of the reservation. 
    • Please note all Custom Payments MUST go through Direct Deposit. At this time, all Custom Payments will be paid out through Direct Deposit regardless if you are set to receiving a Monthly Check. We will update you when these are able to be paid out in a Monthly Check.

How to Video: Access Reports within your RoverPass Owner Portal

Reports Video 12:01:21