Release Notes

Release Notes

2024 Release Notes 


  • Interactive Maps Zoom & Drag Capabilities - Campers now have the ability to zoom in and explore a campground's interactive map during the checkout process, making it easier for them to select their preferred site within the park.
  • Editing Alt=text on Campground Images -  Owners have the capability to customize the alt=text, giving descriptive context to their campground images.
  • Receipt Thermal Printing - This feature allows owners to use their thermal printer to print RoverPass receipts for campers on regular receipt paper.


  • Refunding items purchased in the General Store tab - Owners now have the capability to issue refunds for individual transactions conducted within the General Store directly from their Payments tab.
  • Open up payments page for all Campers - Campers, whether staying long term or short term, can conveniently access and process payments for their reservations through the RoverPass Traveler Portal.


  • Day Use Reservations -  This feature empowers campground owners to offer Day Use Site Types, enabling their guests to easily reserve Day Use spots online. By creating specific Day Use reservation options, owners can cater to visitors seeking shorter stays or daytime access to campground amenities. This functionality enhances the booking experience, providing convenience and flexibility for both owners and guests.


  • Long Term Reservation Updates 
    • Flexible Reservations - With this feature release campgrounds can now enter a campers long term reservation into their calendar without stating a specific check-out date. Once a campground has entered a Flexible Reservation, they'll have the ability to set that camper up on Recurring Monthly Invoices. 
    • Recurring Invoices - This feature allows campgrounds with Flexible Reservations that are staying across several months ,the ability to set-up a recurring monthly invoice that is created and sent to camper automatically, without the need for a manual process from the campground each month. 
    • Automatic Payments - After setting up a camper on Recurring Invoices, the camper can access their reservation and set a payment method on file through their Account Portal. They also have the option to enable Autopay on their Payment Method. With Autopay activated, the system will automatically process the payment for each month's invoice when it is due. 
    • ACH - We have added ACH as a payment method type for campers to choose from when booking a reservation, accessing their reservation from the account portal, or going through an invoice payment page. coming soon

  • Rate Editor and Site Plan Settings Updates
    This update allows campgrounds the ability to set their Site Plan policies and fees all within one place. With this update we've brought the following rules and settings into the Rate Editor tab:
    • Policies (pets and children allowed, age range settings, maximum people/pets/vehicles)
    • Fees (extra people fees, pet fees, vehicle fees etc.)
    • Settings (payment requirements, maximum nights of stay, site tax settings)
    • Photos - Site Plan and Pricing Tier photos can now be accessed within the Rate Editor tab coming soon


  • Updates to our Partnership Pop-Up
    With the latest update, campgrounds will now have access to a single Partnership modal in their portal. This pop-up will showcase the partnership opportunities available at RoverPass, aimed at helping campgrounds boost their reservations.


  • Jumping to the Refund Screen from a Cancellation
    Campgrounds can now easily jump to the reservation refunding screen if needed using a toggle when actioning a reservation cancellation. 


2023 Release Notes


  • Updates to Dashboard tab
    This dashboard update allows owners to filter for reservations throughout different tables, view snapshots of reporting and their campground today, as well as keep up with recent releases at RoverPass. 
  • Modifications to Checked-Out Reservations
    This update allows campgrounds to still access the Reservation Modification tab on a reservation after the checkout date has already passed.


  • Nights Booked Together feature
    This feature allows Campgrounds to set Minimum Nights of Stay and consecutive booking requirements within the Rate Editor > Seasonal Pricing modal. Many campgrounds utilize this feature to set Friday + Saturday night stay requirements during the weekends or ensure guest book consecutive nights during peak summer season. 
  • Ability to Archive a Site
    This feature allows campgrounds to archive a site in their calendar that they no longer need to access or place reservations on. It is an option for campgrounds that want to delete a site but can't due to prior reservations. To use this feature, go to the Sites tab and click on the Options button, then select Archive/Unarchive buttons.
  • Setting to Limit Future Reservations in the Online Checkout
    Campgrounds can now choose Advanced Availability settings from 1-24 months, blocking future dates on the calendar during online checkout. Note that this feature does not affect resbuilder reservations. Find it in the Operation Schedule > Advanced Availability section.
  • SMS Message Links are back!
    Campers and Campgrounds will now have access to links in their text message notifications from Roverpass again!

Reservation History

Campground users can review reservation information and changes made by users using the Reservation History button, including the date and time of those changes.


  • All Site Types shown in Calendar filter 
    Filters in the Calendar tab now display all activated Site Types, allowing campground users to easily filter and view the most relevant sites at any given time.
  • Update to RoverPass Search Map Pins and Popovers
    Map Popovers now display Premium Listing and CRS/Instant Book status and icons to campers on the Roverpass Search page map.
  • Addition of 2 new Rig Types to choose from when checking out
    Users can now select Conversion Van or Super C as rig type options at checkout. 
  • Roverpass Search Page Redesign 
    Updates to our Roverpass Search page, making the search and booking process easier for campers to find what they are looking for!
  • New Site Availability Grid Report available
    This new report gives campgrounds a month long view of their calendar based on site availability. 
  • Installment Terms & Conditions setting for Campgrounds
    Campgrounds can now create custom Installment Terms & Conditions in the System Settings tab, which will be displayed on Invoice Detail pages, Invoice Payment pages, and Invoice reminder emails sent to campers.
  • Update to General Store Receipts
    Update to receipts that shows the General Store item price as shown in the pricing breakdown section, instead of the individual item price.

Cash/Check Refund Recording and Reporting capabilitiesCash/check reservation payments can now be recorded as refunded through the Reservation Refund tab on reservations created from 11/1/23 forward. Any cash/check refund will be recorded in the applicable Finance Reports for refunds. 


  • Interactive Map shown in Confirmation Email
    We will now show a campgrounds interactive map image in their confirmation email to campers if applicable. 
  • Campgrounds can delete Pricing Periods
    No longer have a Seasonal or Holiday rate that applies to the campground? With this update campgrounds can now delete an individual seasonal or holiday rate within a Site Plan if needed. 
Modify Reservation 2.0 - update to feature
Campgrounds can now modify a reservation and have the option to recalculate the price. If the price increases the user has the option to automatically create an invoice to collect any additional amount owed. In the event the modification causes the recalculated price to decrease, the user has the option to process a refund if necessary. 


  • Invoice Alert
    Alert shown on Invoice Details page when invoice has not been sent yet but is already due.
  • Reservation Importer Update
    For parks onboarding to the RoverPass platform, the import of their reservations sheet now creates invoices and a Balance on the reservation upon creation.


  • Premium Listing Updates
    Display updates for Premium Listings in /search pages within campground cards and banners.
  • Enhance Installments for RRS
    This update allows RRS Owners to adjust prices on pending reservations and view camper invoices directly to make price adjustments within the Invoices tab.
    Note: If the price modification increases the price, the camper must approve the change. If it decreases the price, owners will make the adjustment and accept the reservation.
  • Update ResBuilder receipt to work with multiple installments
    The resbuilder's print/email receipt button now displays installments broken out in the payment section.
  • Add items to Owners /system-settings tab
    Owners can access Auto Check-In and Check-Out toggles, Maximum Nights Stay field, and When to Include Discounts dropdown from the System Settings tab in their RoverPass platform.
  • Show all revisions on a reservation (not only the last one)
    This improves the yellow Reservation Modified alert that we show below the Reservation Details section to show all changes that have been made on the reservation.
  • Invoice timeline logs event every time an installment is sent
    We will now show an event in the installment timeline when an installment has been manually resent by a user.
  • Rename Invoice Line Item that represents Rate Total
    Instead of showing the reservation's creation date, we now display the Rate Name (pricing tier) for the installment line item.
  • Modify Reservation tab now displays unavailable sites from other pricing tiers 
    Owners can now select unavailable sites associated with different rates when modifying a reservation.
  • Refund any paid installment from the Reservation Refund tab
    Owners can now refund all invoices on a reservation from the Refunds tab, without navigating to individual invoices. 
  • Site Type Addition
    'Apartment' has been added as a Site Type option for Owners in the Sites tab.
  • Minimum Installment Subtotal is campground Platform Fee or $1 
    Installment subtotal must be at least $1 or the campground platform fee, except for $0 Reservation Configurations made through online checkout.

Site Availability Grid report

This report provides a comprehensive calendar view of site availability up to 6 months in the future, with relevant links to reservations. 


  • No longer charging Taxes on Electrical Fees
    Tax can be charged on line items but is no longer considered on Electrical Fees.
  • Tax rate is configured on each Product
    Add-ons are now taxed based on the tax rate configured on the product, regardless of where they are purchased.
  • INSTALL: Don't show the Invoice Fee if it is 0
    The invoice fee is no longer shown if $0.
  • Allow a $0 reservation
    Campgrounds can now offer a 100% discount in their resbuilder and complete a reservation without any payment taken. This option is also available in online checkout, but the camper must enter their card details to complete the reservation. 
  • Show Pop Up for Campgrounds to accept Hipcamp's Terms and Conditions 
    RoverPass is now partnered with Hipcamp! Terms and Conditions will appear in the Owner portal for campgrounds to accept. 
  • Installment Reminder Configuration added in System Settings tab
    Owners can now configure Installment Reminder notifications at their campground in the System Settings tab.
  • Multiple Installments for partial payments in Online Checkout 
    When a reservation in online checkout is set to partial payment we are creating multiple installments now to ensure the campground accepts full payment upon arrival. 

Balance Due Payment Tracker 

Owners can easily view the balance due on a reservation, including the remaining amount owed or number of payments within in their dashboard. This feature will update across the platform anytime the campground adds to the reservation balance or the camper makes a payment against their balance.


  • Email Revamp Updates
    Installment Reminder email 
    Reservation Revision email
    Installment Payment Confirmation email
    Review Requested email
    Reservation Rejected email
    Reservation Expired email
    Welcome to RoverPass email
    • No link on camper's phone verification SMS
      SMS verification links are reinstated for phone number verification, but not for any other SMS messages.
    • Hipcamp added as "Source" for Channel Management Reservations
    • Reporting Updates
      Invoice Details Report: Includes all items from non-voided invoices, filterable by specific categories like electric fees.
      Reservations by Site Report: Provides a calendar-like view of site occupancy, allowing filtering by date range, and options to filter by site or camper.


    • Add Custom Field Questions to Resbuilder
      Owners can now choose where to display Custom Field Questions - in Resbuilder, Online Checkout, or both.
    • List out all items on an installment
      Owners can now easily see the breakdown of line items within an installment, including any extra fees and discounts included in the total amount.
    • Remove the Fees Only configuration
      The 'Fees Only' option has been removed from the campground configuration tab. Campgrounds must now accept at least a partial payment at the time of booking.
    • Remove Processing Fee line in ResBuilder if $0
      We will hide the 'Processing Fee' line item in the Resbuilder cart when $0.
    • Negative Balance Email
      Updates to our Negative Stripe Balance email update for Owners with negative account balances.
    • Channel Management Improvements


    • Migrate installment amount to an item
      Backend work for balance due, making it align with the UI showing the installment amount as a line item.
    • Add skeleton in each checkout
      Improvement update to our checkout pages that shows a skeleton while the page content is loading.
    • Email Updates: Icons and text changes
      New Reservation Request Email
      Reservation Request Confirmation Email
      Reservation Approved Email
      Add a Payout Method Email Notification
    Add and Remove Blackout Dates in Bulk 
    New feature that allows Owners to add or remove blackout dates in their calendar tab through the Bulk Actions dropdown.


    • Auto-expiration Reservation Requests (RRS)

      We will now automatically expire reservations that have sat in the pending state for 7+ days OR have less than 24 hours prior to check-in date and in the pending state for 48+ hours.
    • Additional Email Notifications for Pending Reservations (RRS)

      We now send two extra email notifications for Pending Reservations/Reservations Requiring Action from Owners at 48+ and 72+ hours to prompt owners to take action on pending reservations sooner.
    • Non-Refundable Discount adjustment

      The Non-Refundable discount will no longer apply to the entire reservation Subtotal but only to the reservation Site Cost and Extra Fees (people, pets, vehicles).
    • Add Required Additional Fee 
      This feature allows Owners to require a product or fee in a camper's cart for checkout.
    Dynamic Pricing
    New feature in Reservation Set-Up → Dynamic Pricing tab, that allows owners to maximize revenue by increasing rates for high occupancy in their preferred site types.


    • Trip Insurance Reimplementation 
      Trip Insurance will be available for purchase again through online checkout when booking with a CRS campground and will account for date modifications.
    • AWIN: Server-to-Server Tracking

      Extending our Awin implementation with a server-to-server connection.
    • Channel Management Updates

      Update that will mark room as no availability in ota when the price is $0 for a date range in RoverPass. 
    • Checkout: Only one discount allowed
      Multiple discounts at checkout are no longer allowed. Campers must choose between a Campgrounds Discount option or the 10% Non-Refundable option (if applicable).
    • Only require zip code in Resbuilder Billing Address

      We will no longer require the full address from Owners to process payment in the Resbuilder and General Store, we will only require the zip code field be filled in.
    • Reporting Updates
      Reservation Items & Tax Allocation: This report includes all reservation items (Site, Discounts, Extra Fees, Products) with quantities, item total, tax allocation, and can be filtered by item.
      Check Payments: Check payment report with detailed information including check number, name, description, and a filter for specific keywords, names, or content.