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Refunding Reservations (With or Without Cancelling)

You can issue a partial refund on a reservation without cancelling the reservation. You can also cancel a reservation with or without issuing a refund.

Step 1: Login through the Owner Sign In Page

Step 2: Click on the “Reservations” tab in the left side navigation bar

Step 3: Click on the name of the reservation you wish to action. (Note: you may search by last name)

Step 4: Click on the gray 'Refund' tab above the name 

Step 5: Fill out the amount you wish to refund based on the subtotal in the Refund from Campground Total box.

(Note: Clicking the blue Max Refund box will automatically fill the box with the entire subtotal amount.)


If you have a Structured Cancellation Policy implemented and a reservation has been canceled by the camper, the amount to be refunded will be automatically calculated based on when the camper submitted their cancellation. For more details on Structured Cancellation Policies, please click here to read our article.


Step 6: In the 'Reason' field, select the reasoning for the refund from the dropdown

Step 7: Flip the Do you Need to Cancel this Reservation? toggle to “yes”. (Note: if you simply need to refund a camper and do not wish to cancel the reservation leave it as “no”)

And you’re done! RoverPass will now automatically:

  • Refund the camper’s card
  • Reverse the payout to the campground
  • Send the camper a confirmation email of their refund

Need to cancel without issuing a refund? 

  • Follow Steps 1-4
  • In the upper right hand corner, click on the red "Cancel Without Refund."
  • Select a reason for cancelling, select "Other" if you wish to write a message to the guest, and click "Save."