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Refunding Reservation (With or Without Cancelling)

You can issue a partial refund on a reservation without cancelling the reservation. You can also cancel a reservation with or without issuing a refund.

Step 1: Login through the Owner Sign In Page
Step 2: Click on your Campground’s name that you wish to work with
Step 3: Click “Reservations
Step 4: At the top of the page click “History
Step 5: Click on the name of the reservation you wish to action. (Note: you may search by last name).
Step 6: Click on the yellow tile Refund/Cancel.
Step 7: Fill out the amount you wish to refund based on the subtotal in the Refund from Campground Total box. (Note: clicking the blue Max Refund box will automatically fill the box with the entire subtotal amount.)
Step 8: Flip the Do you Need to Cancel this Reservation? toggle to “yes”. (Note: if you simply need to refund a camper and do not wish to cancel the reservation leave it as “no”)

And you’re done! RoverPass will now automatically:

  • Refund the camper’s card
  • Reverse the payout to the campground
  • Send the camper a confirmation email of their refund and/or cancellation