How Reservation Requests Work

What is the Instant Book Feature

Answers to all your questions about setting up Instant Book and letting your campers book without waiting for approval of a request

What is Instant Book?

Instant Book is the ability for your campers to book sites instantly instead of having to wait for a reservation approval. This gives campers the satisfaction of knowing they have a secure reservation in addition to boosting your reservations since campers enjoy the capability of booking instantly. 

Why should my campground use Instant Book?

One great way to use Instant Book is in your off-season when you know you have a lot of sites that don't usually fill up, you can open them up for Instant Book. 

How do campers know they can Instant Book?

When a camper is looking at your campground, they will see the stamp "Instant Book Available" letting them know they have the option to Instant Book with you. This is accompanied by a lightning bolt symbolizing the speed in which they can book their reservation. The words 'Instant Book' 

I have Instant Book, why did I get a reservation request email?

There are 2 instances when Instant Book will not auto-approve a reservation.

1. For same day reservations (aka, reservation created today, with check-in for today), InstantBook will not approve it. This is in case it is after check in hours and you won't be available to check the guest in, or if you have a gate that closes at a certain time, those types of things.

2. There is a configuration for maximum amount of nights in Instant Book, so, if it's set to 10 nights, and the reservation is for 11 nights it will not be approved. This is in case, for guests staying longer, you may want to speak to them first, before they book an extended stay. This is totally customizable, you can set it to however many of nights you wish.


How to set up Instant Book

1. Log in to your RoverPass account and click the campground you want to add Instant Book to. 

2. Click Instant Book in the menu on the left-hand side. 

3. Add the dates and site types you would like to be instantly bookable.

4. Click 'Save' and you are all set to start receiving instant reservations!