Add An Event Ticketing Portal To Your Roverpass Account

Add the Event Ticketing Portal to your account at any time. Just follow the instructions below.

Whether you are starting your account with Roverpass' Central Reservation System for the first time or you've had an account for a while, we can get your Event Ticketing Portal added upon request. 

The Event Ticketing Portal works best for the following types of accounts:

  • Ski Areas
  • ATV Parks
  • Kayak/Tube/Canoe Rentals
  • Boat Tours/River Floats
  • Day Pass or Seasonal Pass Activities
  • Festivals/Fairs
  • Permit Access Areas
  • Timed Ticketing Attractions
  • Events at Parks open to guests or the public
  • Concerts 

The following information is helpful to have available to share with Roverpass while setting up your Event Ticketing Portal:

  • Details about your ticketing needs
  • Past ticket sales and attendance
  • Types of tickets
  • Restrictions/Limitations
  • Waiver Requirements
  • Merchandise or add-on purchases related to an event or ticket
  • Promo codes
  • Special access lists
  • Check-in process for attendees
  • Format of the ticket (e-ticket, wristband, RFID, etc)


Get Started:

If you'd like to add this feature, mention it in your conversations with your sales rep while getting your agreement in place, or reach out to your account manager to start the process to add it to your existing account.