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Flag or Ban Guests

Had a bad experience with a guest? You can easily flag or ban a camper right in your owner portal, here’s how!

Step 1: Login through the RoverPass Owner Portal Sign In Page

Step 2: Click the 'Guestbook' tab in the left hand sidebar

Step 3: Use the search bar to find the guest you want to flag/ban by name or contact information. 

Step 4: Click on the yellow Flag a Camper button to Flag or the red Ban a Camper button to ban the camper.


*You can also flag a camper from the guest’s Reservation Overview page by clicking on the flag in the top right corner. 


What’s the difference between a flag and a ban?   

Flag: A flag acts as a warning, you can record the issue you had by selecting from a dropdown and then adding notes if needed.  You are able to add multiple flags to one camper. 

Ban: A ban will block the camper using the banned email address from creating a reservation and will not allow you to create one in the ResBuilder (unless you remove the ban) 


Will a Camper know/be notified if they are banned or flagged in the RoverPass platform? 

No, not unless the campground tells them directly. Our messaging to the camper is that ‘the campground is currently unavailable’ and to contact them directly. 


Where can I tell if a camper has been banned or flagged? 

The Guestbook, in the top right corner of the camper’s reservation overview page and in the ResBuilder when attempting to create a reservation. 


Can I delete a Flag or Unban a camper?

Yes, both of these options are accessible in the Guestbook User page. To unban a camper, you can select the red ‘Unban Camper’ button at the top of their Guestbook User page. To delete a flag, you will select the red Trash Icon in the Flagging section of their Guestbook User page.