How to Change & Update your Listing

How to Add Discount Clubs Offered at my Campground to my RoverPass Listing

Offering discount clubs is a great way to incentivize campers to become repeat guests of your campground!

Research shows that when people receive a coupon or savings offer, they become happier and more relaxed. Also, the cost of retaining a repeat customer is 6-7 times lower than getting a new customer! 

Some common discount clubs include AARP, Good Samaritan, AAA, and KOA, which are memberships that a camper typically pays for in exchange for benefits, including discounts on campgrounds or RV Parks. Some other popular ideas are discounts for military veterans, first responders , teachers, or students. You can also create a custom discount, such as a local residents discount, or a discount for referrals from past campers. 

With discounts, you can pick the percentage that you wish to offer. You can choose to offer a maximum number of nights the discount will apply, and add blackout dates if you wish.

When a camper views your RoverPass listing, they will be able to see what discounts you offer. At the time of booking, they will be able to add a membership number. 

If you are interested in setting up a discount, please reach out to Customer Support and we can assist you! 


  • Discounts in the online checkout are only applicable for reservations with 6 nights or less. Reservations over 6 nights will not see the Discount Dropdown available when booking.
  • Multiple discounts at checkout are no longer allowed. Campers must choose between a Campgrounds Discount option or the 10% Non-Refundable option (if applicable).