How to Add Discount Clubs Offered at my Campground to my RoverPass Listing

This article will discuss how to offer discounts and the benefits of doing so.

Offering discount clubs is a great way to incentivize campers to become repeat guests of your campground.  Research shows that when people receive a coupon or savings offer, they become happier and more relaxed. Also, the cost of retaining a repeat customer is 6-7 times lower than getting a new customer! These reasons are why many campgrounds choose to offer different discounts to campers.

Some common discount clubs include AARP, Good Samaritan, AAA, and KOA, which are memberships that a camper typically pays for in exchange for benefits, including discounts on campgrounds or RV Parks. Some other popular ideas are discounts for military veterans, first responders (firefighters, police officers, paramedics), teachers, or students. You could also create a custom discount, such as offer local residents a discount, or a discount for referrals from past campers. 

The RoverPass platform offers different options for adding a discount. You can pick the percentage that you wish to offer. You can choose to offer a maximum amount of nights with the discount, and add blackout dates if you wish.

When a camper views your RoverPass listing, they will be able to see what discounts you offer. At the time of booking, they will be able to add the details of their membership, such as a membership number. Then, the discounted rate that you set up will automatically calculate into the price of their reservation-no math needed on your part!

If you are interested in setting up a discount, please reach out to Customer Support and we can assist you!