FAQ: How Does RoverPass Work

How to Use RoverPass with Campground Master

If you are looking for a way to bring in reservations through RoverPass but are already utilizing Campground Master, this will help answer your questions about integrating the two

How do I add a reservation from RoverPass?

The same way you would add a new reservation that you take over the phone. See if you have availability for the dates and site they are requesting, and approve the reservation through RoverPass if you do. This will allow you to see the campers contact information so you can verify if they have camped with you before. If they are a new camper, proceed to add them as if it was a new camper over the phone.


How do I collect payment?

If you normally collect payment at check-in, you are good to go and can proceed to do the same. If you prefer to collect the payment in full or a deposit, you can set up your RoverPass account for check payout or direct deposit.  Check payout will provide payment to you on the 1st of the month following the reservation. Make sure you have check payments enabled in your Campground Master Account and when the check arrives, enter the check number as reference to mark the camper as paid.

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In order to use Direct Deposit, please set up the direct deposit payout on your RoverPass account.  Once you approve the reservation, the payment will start to be processed through our payment processor, Stripe.  After you receive payment in 3-5 days, enter the reservation code number under “Other” in Campground Master to mark the reservation as paid.


How can I refund a reservation?

Since check payouts are made after the reservation takes place, enter the refunded amount into RoverPass to refund the camper. If there is a balance due, you will be paid on that out on the first of the month. Mark the refund as complete in Campground Master to keep track of your finances and to keep track of your reservations.

For direct deposit, issue the refund through RoverPass. This will not refund you right away but will create a negative balance on your account which will be paid out with the next reservation you approve. Please also mark the refund as complete through Campground Master in order to keep track of your reservations and finances.