How to Add Your Park to the RoverPass Directory
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Is My Campground on RoverPass/How Can I Add It

Are you wondering if we already have a listing for your park on our directory? Or, if not, how to get it on our directory?

Most likely yes, it is already listed! We've pulled our data from all around the web to create as complete of a directory as possible. 

If it is not, we are happy to add it for you! Please fill out this form

Upon receipt of your submission, we will add your campground to the directory and also give you a login so that you can add details and photos for campers to find when they search our directory!

Important Note: Your listing on RoverPass will not immediately be bookable. Campers can find your listing, but will be unable to make a reservation unless you allow bookings through the RoverPass system. 

How do I make my campground or park bookable on RoverPass?

After you receive your login information and update your details, you can reach out to our support team when you are ready to go live. They can set you up right away to start accepting bookings. 

RoverPass receives a 15% commission upon payout from reservations coming through our marketplace. The benefits of the RoverPass Marketplace to your business include the no hassle booking system where you can accept or decline any reservation request from any device and the huge opportunity to reach new campers. Our marketplace receives over 30 million visitors each year and that number continues to grow as we add new listings each month.