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Is my campground on RoverPass? If not, how can I get it on RoverPass?

Are you wondering if we already have a listing for your park on our directory? Or, if not, how to get it on our directory?

Most likely yes, it is already listed! We've pulled our data from all around the web to create as complete of a directory as possible. 


If it is not, we are happy to add it for you! Please email customer support at support@roverpass.com. Make sure to include the name, address, and contact information for your campground. Also, if you want to include a list of the amenities that you offer, a description of the campground, and activities and features of the surrounding area, we will add those too. Bonus points if you include your website and photos to make your listing as complete and robust as possible. Once we receive that, your listing will be created. We will also give you a login so that you can make any changes and updates to your listing.