Using Quick Sales

Our Quick Sale feature is used for checkouts that don't require additional customer information aside from Name and payment info, it is a preferred way to sell tickets quickly at the door of an event.


Detailed below will be steps and images to help you through this process!

  • On the admin dashboard of your event dashboard 
    • Click on Orders 
    • Click on Quick Sale
  • Click on Quick Order, then click on Select event
  • Select the event you wish to purchase tickets for
  • Use the "+" to add desired ticket quantities to ticket types
  • Click either Credit Sale or Cash Sale
    • Credit sale requires Credit Card number, expiration, CVV, Name and Zip
    • Cash sale just needs you to hit "Mark as paid" and the data will be stored in your Ticketsocket reporting and order manager
  • On the Confirmation modal you can enter an e-mail to send receipts or tickets 
    • Can also use this modal to print tickets