How to Create, Edit, Cancel, and Refund a Reservation
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Automated Cancellations, Structured Cancellation Policies and Calculated Refunds

RoverPass offers you the flexibility to choose your cancellation policy, as well as automatically calculated refunds when you choose a Structured Cancellation policy - which can save you time and revenue!

Cancellation Requests will now automatically clear the reservation from your calendar. RoverPass will not refund any money at this time, we will allow you, the owner, to review the cancellation and process any applicable refund.  

By processing the cancellation, and clearing the calendar, the dates will be available to be rebooked helping you to maximize reservations.


What are 'Structured Cancellation Policies'?

RoverPass 'Structured Cancellation Policies' are 5 pre-built cancellation policies that owners are able to select to best fit the need of their campground. This will automatically calculate the amount to be refunded to the camper in the reservation 'Refund' tab based on when the camper requested cancellation.

  • You reduce cancellations and retain more booking revenue
  • You save time managing cancellation requests and processing refunds


How to Implement Structured Cancellation Policies

1. In your RoverPass Owner Portal, select 'Reservation Setup' to open a drop down menu, and select the option 'Policies'

2. On this page, you will find the section 'Cancellation Policy' below the 'Check In/Out Policy'

3. Click 'Structured Cancellation Policy' and select 1 of the 5 cancellation policies that best fits the needs of your campground. You will see 3 columns (100% Refund, 50% Refund, Non-refundable) which describe the time frame and amount that a cancellation would be eligible for a refund.

4. The 'Structured Cancellation Policy' that you select will then be highlighted green.

5. Below the 'Structured Cancellation Policy', you will see an option to offer a 10% discount to camper's for a non-refundable reservation. Toggle 'Yes' or 'No' dependent on your campground's needs. 


Offering a 10% discount for a non-refundable option is beneficial to Campground Owners because:

  • You increase your guaranteed revenue
  • Campers are more likely to book your campground
  • You still have the flexibility to offer a refund if you choose


6. Click 'Save Policies'. 


Freeform Cancellation Policies

RoverPass still allows you the flexibility to describe your own cancellation policy based on your campground, if one of our Structure Cancellation Policies does not fit for you.

1. In your RoverPass Owner Portal, select 'Reservation Setup' to open a drop down menu, and select the option 'Policies'

2. On this page, you will find the section 'Cancellation Policy' below the 'Check In/Out Policy'

3. Select 'Freeform Cancellation Policy'. You will see a text box where you can describe your campground cancellation policy, which will be displayed the the camper at checkout as well as on their confirmation page.

4. Click 'Save Policies'.


How to View Cancellations and Process Refunds

1. Login to your RoverPass Owner Portal and you will be automatically directed to your dashboard.

2. On your dashboard, you will see a section titled 'Reservations Requiring Action' that displays all reservations that have been automatically cancelled by the camper, and may require a refund to be processed.


Tip: If you have any reservations that are requiring action, you will have a red banner at the top of your screen that shows how many reservations are requiring action and may need a refund to be processed


3.  Click on a reservation to view full details. In red, you will see a notice stating "This reservation was automatically canceled, as requested by the traveler. Please review your cancel policy and process the refund accordingly."



4. Under the 'Status: Canceled', click the yellow 'Refund' tile. This will bring you to a page to process the refund for the camper. For further information on how to process a refund, click here to view our help article.

  • For Structured Cancellation Policies, the amount due as a refund will automatically be calculated with the appropriate amount based on when the customer requested the cancellation. If you need to adjust the refund amount, you can do so by typing within the field. 
  • For Freeform Cancellation Policies, please refer to your cancellation policy to determine the amount needed to be refunded to the customer.

5. Once you have processed the refund for the cancellation request, click 'Overview' to be brought back to the status of the reservation. In the red box stating details on the automatic cancellation, select 'Refund Processed' to confirm the process is complete.


If a non-refundable reservation is automatically cancelled, you can simply select 'No Refund Due' in the red action box.