How Reservation Requests Work

Is the Camper Booked After They Send a Request/What If I'm Full

What happens when you receive a Reservation Request?

What is a Reservation Request?

A reservation request is just that, a request from the camper to reserve a site. This does not guarantee a site for the camper and is up to you to approve or reject based on your ability to meet their qualifications such as dates requested, site type requested, and rig size. If you do not have something to meet their exact requirements, but do have something comparable, please see how to edit the campers reservation here.

Feature Updates: Forgot to take action on Pending Reservations? No worries!

  • We now send two extra email notifications for Pending Reservations/Reservations Requiring Action from Owners at 48+ and 72+ hours to prompt owners to take action on pending reservations sooner.
  • We will now automatically expire reservations that have sat in the pending state for 7+ days OR have less than 24 hours prior to check-in date and in the pending state for 48+ hours.


What to do if your park is full?

If you are full or don't have the capacity to meet the campers needs, you can always reject the request. This will let the camper know they don't have a reservation and they will not receive any charges.